Consulting and
Hotel Management

Focused specifically on the senior resort sector


Resort for Seniors y Retirees in Spain

Resort for Seniors and Retirees in Spain is a brand specialized in consulting and management of tourism establishments with special emphasis on the senior resorts sector.

We offer our extensive experience in the market, to motivate owners and investors to be part of a project that aims to improve the quality of life of adults through personalized services provided in tourist apartments called Seniors Resorts.  



Purchase, sale and rental advisory services to owners and investors

  • We offer consultancy and intermediation in projects for the purchase, sale and rental of Senior Resorts type establishments.
  • We search and analyze available assets,taking into account factors such as the best location, quality of the facilities and their potential to successfully develop the senior project.
  • We also offer strategies for the transformation and remodeling of infrastructures de tal forma que puedan satisfacer, de manera personalizada, las necesidades del turista Silver Plus.  

Project development and opening of Seniors Resorts

  • If you are starting your Senior Resort project and want it to succeed, we can help you make it a reality.


  • To this end, we carry out feasibility and return on investment studies, competitive analysis or market segmentation, brand creation, operational plans and marketing and sales strategies. 

Hotel Asset Management

Supervisamos el funcionamiento y rendimiento de tu Senior Resort o complejo de apartamentos turísticos, ya sea gestionado por ti o por terceros. Podemos funcionar como asesores hoteleros personales de propietarios e inversionistas para obtain the maximum return on assets, as well as increase the value of the establishments. así como aumentar el valor de los establecimientos.

Hotel Revenue Management

For a Senior Resort to grow, it is necessary to have good revenue management. To achieve good Revenue Management we offer proper budgeting, contracting of more profitable distribution channels , strategies and techniques to increase revenue ,by stimulating demand and we give a correct structure for the management of operating prices.


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