Resort for Seniors and Retirees in Spain was born in 2023 as a brand integrated by specialized people with a wide experience in the tourism and real estate sector at an international level. This brand is the result of the association of two companies with a long trajectory in the tourism market: IHCS (International Hotel Consulting Services) with more than 8 years of activity and Alegranza Viajes with more than 30 years of activity.

We are mainly focused on the segment of senior resorts in Spain, however, our field of action can cover other types of tourist establishments. 

Our main objective is to offer all our experience and professionalism to help improve the quality of life of senior tourists and solve their main needs, as well as to help owners to manage their Senior Resorts or tourist apartments correctly. 

In this sense, we are in charge of managing a social policy and convincing owners and investors in the hotel industry to be part of this beautiful project. Resort for Seniors and Retirees in Spain seeks to help seniors face old age in a way that is as comfortable as possible.  

In addition, we focus on offering all the necessary services for owners and investors in this sector to develop their tourism establishments successfully. 

Finally, we offer information and service to the silver plus tourist (over 55 years old) or senior tourist (over 60 years old) who wish to improve their quality of life in beautiful senior resorts in destinations such as the Canary Islands, the Costa Blanca, the Costa Dorada and other magnificent places in the Iberian Peninsula.


  • Our objective is is to encourage entrepreneurs in the hotel sector to invest in Senior Resorts,as it is a market with a promising future for Spain.
  • To offer professional advice and consultancy so that owners and investors of senior resorts can offer quality services for the improvement of the lives of the elderly and at the same time promote the growth of Senior Resorts in Spain.


  • To be a fundamental cog in the improvement of the quality of life of seniors and in the economic growth of the tourism business in Spain.
  • To be a leader in hotel consultancy for entrepreneurs in the senior resorts sector in Spain, resorts en España, de tal manera que su establecimiento sea competitivo, rentable y mejore la calidad de vida del turista Silver Plus.


At Resort for Seniors and Retirees in Spain, we are moved by a deep AFFECTION and SOLIDARITY towards the elderly. We see in the senior population the face of our parents and grandparents, so we are driven to help them face old age in the best way, always seeking their physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

We are also driven by RESPONSIBILITY and COMMITMENT, not only for the quality of life of the elderly, but also for the welfare of society as a whole through cooperation with the entire hotel sector in Spain and the world.


Resort for Seniors and Retirees in Spain is made up of a highly specialized team with a long history in the tourism and real estate sector. 

Nuestro equipo se destaca por la asociación de dos marcas con un amplio recorrido: Alegranza Viajesa travel company with 31 years of activity in the market; and IHCS an important international hotel consulting firm, whose founder has more than 20 years of experience in management roles within the industry. 

Likewise, all the staff is trained to successfully carry out the development of any tourist establishment or tourist apartment project. 

Every member of our team is committed to being part of the social assistance offered to the ever growing population group: the 55+ population. That is why our commitment, integrity, professionalism and enthusiasm always accompany us to carry out any project in the senior resort sector.